Privacy Policy

The privacy of all our website visitors to is very important to us and we do our utmost to protect your information.

At we understand that the privacy of all your personal information is really important.

The following information is about what kinds of personal information receives and collects when you visit and use, and exactly how we protect your information. We will never sell any of your personal and private information to any third parties. We collect log files and use the information within the log files, as do many other websites.

The information details in any or all log files that collects may include your internet protocol address (IP), the name of the internet service provider (ISP), such as Charter Cable or AOL, the internet browser you used when visiting our site (for example, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer), the website pages you visited on our site and also the time of the visit to our site.

Cookies and/or Web Beacons – does utilize cookies to retain information, which may include your personal preferences whenever you visit our website. This can include displaying a popup once during your visit, or also the opportunity to login to a few of our website’s features, including forums. We do make use of third party advertisements that are displayed on to support our website.

Certain advertisers may utilize technology that could include web beacons and/or cookies whenever they place advertisements on our website, that will send these advertisers (for example, Google from the Google Adsense program) informational details that include your ISP, IP address, the internet browser you utilized to visit our website, and in some instances, whether or not you have Flash software installed.

In general, this is used for retargeting uses (displaying New York City real estate advertisements to a visitor in New York City, as an example) or displaying certain advertisements according to specific websites visited (such as displaying cooking advertisements to a person who frequently visits cooking sites.)

Double-Click Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting (DART) cookies – may also utilize DART cookies for advertisement serving by way of Google’s Double-Click, that will place one or more cookies on your personal computer whenever you are browsing the internet and also visit a website that uses Double-Click advertising (which includes various Google Adsense advertisements.)

This type of cookie is utilized to serve advertisements that are specific to you, as well as, your interests (interest based targeting.) The advertisements displayed will be targeted according to your previous web browsing history (as an example, if you were viewing websites about visiting New York City, you may see New York City hotel advertisements whenever visiting a non-related website, for instance, website about ice hockey.)

DART utilizes “non-private identifiable informational details.” It will NOT track or monitor any of your personal information, such as your credit card numbers, telephone number, physical address, name, email address, social security number, or bank account numbers. You can also opt-out of this type of advertising serving on all of these types of websites that uses this advertising by going to

You can selectively turn off or disable third-party cookies or our cookies in your web browser’s settings, or by managing your preferences in internet security programs, such as Norton Security. Although, this may affect the way you have the ability to interact with our website, and some other websites.

This may consist of the lack of ability to login to programs and services, for example, logging into discussion forums or website accounts. Deleting cookies does not necessarily mean you have opted out of any advertising programs permanently. Should you not have settings which disallow cookies, the next occasion you visit a website displaying any advertisements, a new cookie may be added. If you need further information, please go to