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A chicken coop kit is the first thing that you must have if you want to raise chickens in your backyard. This article will provide you with types of coop kits, places to buy coop kits, the price and things to consider when buying coop kits.

With the increment of fuel and food prices, many people start to find alternatives to reduce their expenses while keeping them sufficient. Raising chickens in backyard is one of the best alternatives to keep you sufficient with egg and chicken meat. There are only three things to prepare if you want to raise chickens: chicken, chicken coop and chicken feed.

While buying chicken and feed will not give you any difficulty, buying chicken coop might be a bit challenging. Buying the right chicken coop is very important to keep your chicken safe and healthy. Fortunately, there are many coop kits available in market with various different designs and sizes.

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Types Of Chicken Coop Kits

There are two types of coop kits available: movable and immovable. For a beginner like you, it is highly recommended to buy the movable one because most likely you still do not know the best location to raise your chicken. Most movable coop kits are usually able to accommodate up to six hens. If you have raised chicken for months and you need larger coop then you can invest on immovable coop kits.

Where To Buy Coop Kits?

Chicken coop kits are available almost everywhere. You can easily find local retailers that specialize in selling cages for animals. You can find those retailers in phone book or you can also ask other farmers the location of the retailers in your area. In case you cannot find any retailer nearby, you can buy coop kits online. There are many giant retailers that provide hundreds of coop kits to meet your specific needs.

How Much Do Coop Kits Cost?

The price of coop kits varies greatly from as low as $100 to $500. Size, material and brand are among factors that determine the price of coop kits. If you are more concerned about function than design, a $200 coop is enough.

Things To Consider When Buying Chicken Coop Kits

1. Before you start searching for coop kits, it is advisable that you check the local law because some cities in this country do not allow the citizens to raise chickens. You have to make sure that raising chickens is allowed in your area.

2. The second thing to consider is the size of the coop. The size of coop that you need depends on the available space and the number of chickens you want to raise. Medium-sized coops are usually enough for six chickens.

3. The next thing to consider is the equipments to build the coop. To build a coop, you will need nails, hammer and saw. You can buy those equipments at local retailers or borrow them from your neighbors.

4. The fourth thing to consider is lighting. You have to make sure that the coop has proper lighting. Besides providing lighting to your chicken during the night, light can produce heat to make your chicken comfortable.

5. You need to ensure that the coop kits have good ventilation. Good ventilation is mandatory to keep the health of your chicken and prevent moisture and ammonia buildup.

6. Lastly, you need to consider the safety of the coop. You have to ensure that the coop kits are strong enough to withstand attack from predators such as dogs, rodents and raccoons.

Conclusion: Proper chicken coop is important to keep your chicken healthy and safe. Buy the right chicken coop kits so you can successfully raise chickens in your backyard and get the most benefits from raising chickens.

Chicken Coop Manual PDF

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