How To Build A Chicken Coop Step By Step

Chicken Coop Manual PDF

Building a chicken coop can be very easy when you have the right plan to follow. There are different ways on how to build a chicken coop but its very important that you build a quality one. Chickens nornally lay eggs in the chicken coop when It is well constructed and a coop should also be designed to protect your chicken from dangerous animals at night. It is easy to construct a good chicken coop. You need a plan, tools, some lumber and equipment.

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First you need to decide about how big you want your chicken coop to be. You should make a plan according to the number of chicken that you have. A chicken coop should be big enough to provide every chicken with enough space. It is easy to calculate the necessary space. Every chicken will need at least two square feet of space. For example, if you have ten chicken, your chicken coop should be twenty square feet. You also need to include laying boxes for your chicken.

The next step on how to build a chicken coop is for you to put together the pieces of wood. Your chicken coop should have the same height and width. You also need to make it convenient for you. There are two ways for you to access your chicken coop.

One way is to lift up the roof and the other way is by opening the door. The easiest way is opening the roof. You need to install a bracket and hinge to the roof as well as the back of your chicken coop. The roof should be waterproof. You can use different synthetic materials, such as tarpaulin or nylon, to cover the roof.

Now is the time to build the sections in your chicken coop. You should separate all of the nesting boxes. These nesting boxes will provide a good place to lay eggs. You can create stalls by placing wooden planks at regular intervals. These planks should be about six inches high.

You can include a space for perching in your chicken coop. You need some round wooden pieces and you can use nails to attach them to the wall. The perches should be at a height of three or four feet.

You need to put some straw on the floor of the chicken coop. The straw will How To Build A Chicken Coop Image keep the chicken warm. You also need to change the straw regularly in order to prevent diseases. You should place the floor planks on four blocks in order to keep it away from ground. It will prevent your chicken coop from freezing and water.

You need to stop dangerous animals from entering into the chicken coop. You can put a heavy object on the roof. In order to increase safety, you should add a padlock and a latch.


It is not difficult to learn how to build a chicken coop. You can use different materials to make it. Beside wood, you can also use metal wire and bars. It is important that your chicken coop is stable and well built. It should be resistant to different weather conditions and it should provide a safe and warm place for your chicken

Chicken Coop Manual PDF

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