Basic Essentials In Making A DIY Movable Chicken Coop

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If you’re thinking about having a chicken ranch for a business, you are definitely making the right choice knowing that eggs and chicken meat are always in demand in the market. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider rather than building the usual coop, a movable chicken coop would perhaps be the best shelter you can provide for your chickens.

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Why Use Movable Chicken Coops

The use of mobile chicken coops to shelter your backyard flocks would always be ideal for every single chicken, your land, as well as the people you would be selling the chicken meat and eggs to. By being able to move your chicken coops everyday, the chickens for meat or the hens will always gain easy access towards freshly grown grasses and bugs that they love feeding on. This also helps natural spreading of their droppings around the area. Remember, chicken droppings work as great fertilizers. Nevertheless, all of these conditions should be perfect in terms of the following:

1 Raising healthy chickens.
2 Natural enhancement of the soil.
3 Production of nutritious chicken meat and eggs.

How Movable Chicken Coops Should Be?

Movable chicken coops have various sizes and designs, and could also be custom-built if need be. A typical coop for meat chickens come in a very simple design that has a sufficiently sheltered area which can provide enough shade against the sun, as well as from other harmful elements.

Also, it should have an enclosed area or a wire mesh that keeps them from going out. On the other hand, hens which are the egg-laying chickens should be kept in more detailed movable chicken coops , with roosting bars and nesting boxes.

These added features can give them a highly adaptable environment and can keep them secure in terms of their capacity for laying eggs. Whatever the purpose of your movable chicken coops might be, they should possess the following attributes:

1 Effortlessly movable
2 Lightweight
3 Secure from any form of predator

Choosing Materials For Your Movable Chicken Coops

Pick lightweight yet strong materials, allowing you to easily move your coops more often. Perhaps you’d have to move the coops several times in a week or every single day. This should be ideal for your land because it can ensure that very little amounts of your chickens’ manure are left in every spot to enhance the quality of soil without the need of overwhelming it.

Even though they are just light coops, they can be quite complex or almost impossible for you to move when they are not designed with great portability along the making. Tow bars, wheels, as well as building your movable chicken coops on top of a highly movable base just like a trailer would be great means to assist in making free range chicken flocks a very enjoyable hobby rather than a heavy chore.

Be picky when it comes to checking your coops for gaps along their meshes or all possible entries for predatory species that could harm your flocks during the night. Raccoons , foxes, cats and possums are some of the many animals that you would definitely have to keep your chickens away from.


How you make your movable chicken coops would either make you or break you in your chicken ranch business. Furthermore, by keeping the above given points in mind, you should be able to make a movable chicken coop that works with great efficiency.