Chicken Coop Plans For Your Backyard Poultry – Selecting The Best Designs And Plans!

Chicken Coop Manual PDF

Are you planning to construct a chicken coop in your compound? With all the hundreds of chicken coop designs and plans online, you need to know what to consider when you go out to get one. Below are some of the requirements you need to put into consideration.

Survey The Area You Plan To Build The Coop

Before you embark on the task of constructing your chicken coop, you first need to perform a survey of the area where you want to construct your coop. what is the space available for the coop? Do you stay where residential homes are congested or you stay in a place with enough space? These factors will determine the type of chicken coop designs and plans that you will consider.

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The area that you are going to construct the chicken coop will also determine whether you will pick on a design that will result in a portable, semi-permanent or a permanent structure for the chickens.

What Are The Needs Of Your Chickens?

The coop design you select will have to ensure that it provides the required shelter, security, cleanliness, and comfort for your chickens. This is the place that your chickens will spend most of their life, so you will need a shelter that will protect them against any predators.

You can decide to go for a chicken coop that has already been constructed. Alternatively, you can decide to construct one for yourself, meaning that you have to choose the best chicken coop designs and plans that will provide the above needs for the chicken.

The Number Of Chickens You Are Planning To Keep

A structure that holds a few chickens and one that holds dozens of birds will not be similar in construction. They will differ in matter of size and whether the coop will be portable to permanent.

Chicken coops need to have sections that will hold nesting boxes and feeders. You need to check out whether the chicken coop designs and plans have this setup. You can leave out this detail in case you are planning on purchasing the units separately.
Do not construct specifically for a given number of chicken. Your brood will surely increase in the near future, so you need to make some space for more chickens which will come in future. Use the flock size to evaluate the different designs of chicken coops.

Where Are You Planning To Place Your Coop?

You need to place your coop strategically so that it gets adequate sunlight and is protected from direct wind. Make sure you choose solid materials to protect your chickens from predators.

The chicken coop you are going to build will be situated in an open, outdoor area. The area has to be spacious to enable the chicken to move around in search of food. The wood you are going to use needs to be water resistant and strong. Good chicken coop designs and plans will explain all there is to know about selecting the materials and where you can get them.

How Much Lumber Do You Need?

When building your chicken coop, you need to consider the amount of lumbar that will be needed. This is because lumber will make up to 90% of the building costs. High quality chicken coop designs and plans will ensure that you don’t use a lot of lumber. A high quality design will have already put the use of lumber in mind when coming up with the cost so you will not use a lot of it. This will affect the overall cost of constructing the chicken coop.

Is Your Selected Chicken Coop Design Friendly?

You need to select chicken coop designs and plans which will allow your chicken freedom to move around. The design needs to give easy access to the nesting box, perch, food and water. The chicken coop needs to provide protection from severe weather conditions such as rain and snow.
Neighborhood Rules

Different municipalities have put restrictions on the type of coops that can be utilized in their locality. Before you select the design for the chicken coop, you need to visit the local offices and find out what is acceptable. You may end up having customized chicken coop designs as the perfect choice.


Before you construct your chicken coop, you need to look at many factors. You don’t want to move blindly and end up having a structure that will not be ideal. You need to check on the available chicken coop designs and plans to choose the best.

Chicken Coop Manual PDF