The Best Chicken Coop Plans And Already Made Designs For Beginners

When thinking of building a home for your chickens, you have many interesting options to choose from. Still, it won't matter much whether you choose an open range chicken enclosure, an off-the-ground-chicken ark or a simple conventional coop; the key is to have access to good chicken coop plans that can provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build the coop that you want to build.

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Now, when we say "chicken coop plans", they actually cover a wide range of coops. It can be a big large scale chicken house, or a small A-frame coop. However, each type of chicken house has its own specific features and qualities that can help you in maintaining a flourishing and healthy stock. However, still there are few characteristics that every good chicken coop plan should have in common. Let's see what they are:

Features Of Good Chicken Coop Plans

1. Chicken coop should be made using non-toxic materials that are safe and Chicken Coop Planseasily available. This ensures that you can easily rebuild, improve, or replace your coop when you have used materials that are easily interchangeable and freely available in the market.

2. Your chicken coop should be such that it can easily withstand local climate. There is nothing worst than seeing your coop rotting away, collapsing or getting destroyed just because of its poor construction.

3. Chicken coop should have good ventilation. In many cases, ventilation aspect is overlooked in chicken coops. This may result in unbearable bad smell, and may even result in mortality in your flock due to increased temperature. All good chicken coop plans offer excellent ventilation in every coop to handle present and future chickens.

4. Chicken coop should be such that it is easy to clean and maintain. This can be done easily by building a coop with detachable roof where the roof is attached to latches that can be easily taken on and off, to enable you to access the entire coop.

5. Good chicken coop plans can help you in building coops that will keep your chickens in but all predators out. Many predators such as raccoons, and hawks can be dangerous, but with a well built coop, they won't be able to create nuisance.

Chicken Coop Plans For BeginnersYou can fortify the bottom of the fence by using chicken run and then by placing the netting over the chicken coop, you can safeguard the entire coop in a cheap way.

This will help you in protecting your flock. In many cases, people don't bother to think about defenses of their flock, even after an attack! Therefore, take some time off to do some research on best chicken coop plans, and build a sturdy chicken coop to keep your chickens safe.

6. Finally, all good chicken coop plans should consider the portability of the coop. Many coops are portable, that is they are built without any floor and can be moved around easily to different locations. On the other hand, a permanent chicken coop stays at just one place. This is best for all those who have limited space for their chickens and don't have any option of moving their coop anyway.

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